Where to Find Command Switches For Chrome

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

master the art of the command switch to be able to do so. The best example of this is via the post I did for enabling apps. If you’re interested in trying out other switches, you can also use this resource here at the Chromium site to find a directory and descriptions.

There is also a list of debugging-type switches here.

Note that some of these switches will also work in Chrome; it just really depends on the phase of development that your specific build is in. For example, the enable apps feature works in version 6 right now.

Some of the most interesting on this list are “–enable-gpu-rendering”, which “Enable(s) experimental GPU rendering for backing store and video”. Then there’s “enable-aero-peek-tabs”, a switch that “Enables AeroPeek for each tab (This switch only works on Windows 7)”. That would be useful.

Or, how about “enable-speech-input”? I don’t think I need to describe that. Anyways, I think you get the point. If you find any other cool switches, as well as some that you manage to get working, let us know.