Reuters: Tablets Will Run Chrome OS, Not Android

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

Reuters is reporting this morning that during a closing keynote speech at IFA, a consumer electronics show held in Germany that Eric Schmidt said Google-powered tablets will run Chrome OS as opposed to Android.

I tracked down a webcast of the presentation (you can see it here) but let’s consider the fact that at present Google has officially signed off on only one tablet on Android which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That means it is the only slate capable of using Android Market.

Google wants to really ramp up the Chrome Web Store, and that’s part of the motivation for this. By having both Google TV and Chrome OS products that utilize the Chrome Web Store, they are hoping to gain momentum for this new platform.

But that doesn’t mean there is not a place for Android. Schmidt concedes in the presentation that the smartphone will soon overtake the PC in terms of sales with no looking back. While everyone will need a smartphone in the future, the need for a PC will only be required for those that have special purposes for them.

Other interesting facts from the presentation: Chrome now has seventy million users, and it is four times faster than its initial release.

What do you think? Should all Google powered tablets run Chrome OS or is there room for Android?

UPDATE: This was a Reuters UK report linked above, after watching the video I wanted to post the exact quote. During the Q&A session, Schmidt was asked about Chrome OS and this was his response.

“It’s targeted primarily at the netbook space today. Of course, because it’s free it will also be used for tablets. But I think it’s too early to say exactly how it will be played out. We’re looking forward to the partner announcements later this year.”

UPDATE 2: I’ve decided to change the title to attribute this information from Reuters because based on the video I saw that’s not what Schmidt said.