Replacing Your Profile Picture on the Cr-48

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

Part of the profile setup process when you first use the Cr-48 is that you take a picture for your login profile. During the Chrome event this past week, VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai said many people didn’t like the process of doing this, and one of our readers has let us know that you can put your own profile picture in place if you don’t like your own or that shadowy default avatar.

Install Picnik

The first thing you need to do is install Picnik. It’s an image editing webapp that from a company by the same name Google bought earlier this year. You can get the app here.

Grab Yourself a Picture, Put it on USB

You’ll need to take your ideal profile pic and put it on a USB drive. Plug the drive into your Cr-48, and then load up Picnik.

Using Picnik

Once inside Picnik, click on the “Upload a photo” button.

You should see your thumb drive listed in the panel that pops up. Edit the photo any way you want, then hit “Save and Share”, a tab on the right.

In the Format section, select PNG.

In the panel that appears, you will be saving this file to a location. In order to replace the current profile picture, head to the chronos folder.

Hit “Save”.

Find your account name that you signed in with that is a PNG file. Click on it and hit OK, then confirm the replace. Log off.

Here is what it might look like.