P2P API Appears in About:Flags

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

The newest builds of Chromium have a new option that can be enabled through the “about:flags” menu. It’s called P2P API and turns on the P2P Pepper API and the P2P JavaScript API. Yet even in the description, the feature states that it doesn’t even work at this point. So what does it do?

Well, the peer-to-peer connotation here would suggest a connection of sort using both Pepper and JavaScript. Pepper is a plugin that can use Native Client to harness hardware resources. In the notes for the latest Native Client release in February, it is pointed out that peer-to-peer networking is not yet supported, among other APIs such as 3D graphics and file I/O.

So this is being implemented likely to test its compatibility with Native Client. It’s also possible that it’s being used to test Chromoting, another experimental feature in about:flags that doesn’t work unless you are on the dev team for Chromium.