Netflix Plug-in for Chrome and Chrome OS is on the Way

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

Good news for Chrome users:  A Netflix plugin for Chrome and Chrome OS is ready to be released. This is based on the reports that are coming in over at the Chromium site.

This upcoming Netflix plugin will enable the streaming of movies via HTML5 technology, rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight software, which requires the user to download and install it onto their computer -something you’ll only be able to do in limited functions with Chrome OS.

Netflix has been working for quite a while to implement HTML5 for its video streaming. Back in December 2010, Netflix stated its plans to implement the technology, convinced it would lead to a better user experience.

John Ciancutti, VP of Personalization Technology at Netflix, explained Netflix’s decision to pursue HTML5 technology in this way: “The technology is delivered from Netflix servers every time you launch our application. This means we can constantly update, test and improve the experience we offer….Our customers don’t have to go through a manual process to install new software every time we make a change, it ‘just happens.’”

The release is conveniently coming in time for the release of the new Chrome OS devices expected to be announced next week at Google I/O.

Considering Netflix has more subscribers than Comcast and 7% of people subscribe to Netflix, this is a big win for Chrome and Google, who is a big proponent of HTML5 technology. It is also worthwhile to note that this will also enable Linux users to enjoy Netflix as well.

UPDATE: The link to the Chromium report has been password protected. Go figure.