Multiple Profiles and Profile Switch Coming to Chrome

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

It’s been talked about by the Chrome Team that there will soon be multiple profile options in the Chrome browser, much like how Chrome OS is already set up. Because each person’s browser preferences are completely personal and unique to them, it makes sense that web usage should be connected to a personal profile.

Looking at the latest Chromium builds, there is now an option to turn on multiple profiles through the “about:flags” experimental menu that you can access through the Omnibox.

Once you have enabled this option and do a restart of the browser, you can then head into your options menu and see that this is in your Personal Stuff tab.

Even after I synced Chromium with my Google account, you can see that right now you cannot create another profile other than the one that is associated with Google. However, you can get an idea about how this will work when you look into the top right corner of your browser because you can see that there is a box that will let you toggle accounts.

With multiple profiles, you’ll be able to switch to different apps, bookmarks and extensions. It’s also expected that there will be a guest mode down the line as well, further making Chrome your operating system inside of your operating system.

How do you feel about adding multiple profiles into Chrome? Is it something that you will use?