Flashing Your Cr-48 BIOS

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

So, what did you do over your holiday break? Spend time with friends and family? Maybe relax a little bit? Flash your Cr-48 BIOS?
Ok, so most of you probably wouldn’t dare make an attempt to do this, but some devoted techies spent some time recently doing so, enabling them to load operating systems such as Windows 7 and Mac OS X on their test pilot machines. We can’t condone your activities here, because we’re just passing on the information. If you’ve worked in support or development, however, you probably know a bit about how to do this already but here it is specifically for the Cr-48. Best of luck!

Installing Ubuntu on your Cr-48

1. Put your Cr-48 into developer mode by flipping the switch under the battery. More info here.
2. Let the Cr-48 to boot into setup. This could take 5-6 minutes because it completes a system wipe.
3. You know this part. Select your connection and accept the license.
4. Get to the terminal by hitting CTRL+ATL+T
5. Login at the prompt by typing “chronos” then hit Enter.
6.  Type “sudo su” then hit Enter.
7. You must now download and install Ubuntu by typing “wget -O – http://goo.gl/DlmZS | sh -” then hit Enter.
8. Wait until the computer reboots and follow steps 2-7 to start downloading and installing Ubuntu.

Flashrom Installation and Downloading the New BIOS

1. Once you have Ubuntu is running go to system>administration>synaptic package manager
2. Click on “search” in the Synaptic Package Manager and then type in “flashrom”
3. Go through the flashrom install.
4. Once flashrom is installed download the alternate bios from here: http://www.multiupload.com/2XVXPKS9C9
5. Now set ubuntu as the default os by opening applications>accessories>terminal and typing: sudo cgpt add -i 6 -P 5 -S 1 /dev/sda
6. Now shut down your Cr-48

Taking Apart the Cr-48

You must take the back cover off in order for this to work. Otherwise, the BIOS will not flash.

1. There are twelve screws on the bottom of the laptop. Don’t forget the two located under the rubber feet.
2. You must very carefully remove the bottom once the screws are removed. Remove the side without the sound port first so you can work the side with the sound port off.
3. Plug in the machine with the bottom off and boot up Ubuntu.

Flashing your Cr-48 BIOS

1.  Make a backup of our current BIOS. Open applications>accessories>terminal and type in “sudo flashrom -r backup.bin”. This will create a backup in your home directory – choose an external one.
2. Extract the bios downloaded previously to the home directory. In the terminal type “sudo flashrom -w cr48.bin”
3. You will see two SPI erase errors. You can ignore these errors. You should then see that the flash has completed and verification that the BIOS has been written correctly.
4. Barring any weird errors, shut down the laptop and install your favorite operating system from an external drive! Don’t forget to set this as first boot in the BIOS.