Chrome VP: No More Cr-48s, Chrome OS Devices This Summer

Published By thechromesource Editorial Team

Google has been very tight-lippped about the supply of Cr-48s, who they are going to and when shipments will stop. But in a tweet sent out by VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai, the shipment of Cr-48s to users is over, and that we can expect commercial devices to be arriving in the next few months.

For those who did not get a chance to try out a Cr-48 through the Pilot Program, there should be opportunities this summer to purchase Chrome OS devices. It appears that Google is still focused on the U.S. market since although there has been talk of the Cr-48 going international that never materialized.

During the December Chrome event, Pichai announced that both Acer and Samsung would be the first manufacturers to release Chrome OS gadgets. And by all signs despite the rumors, they are going to be laptops.

While Apple clearly has a hold on the tablet market, it’s possible that Chrome OS could find a place in the consumer gadget space that is somewhere in between a more complex Windows machine and the simplicity of a slate device.

Surely the information overload that is Google I/O in early May will provide a lot more details about Chrome OS. Until then, are you ready to buy yourself a Chrome OS device?